We frequently get reports about staffers who are not receiving the e-mails that watu sends them. It is always one of two situations:

1) The first thing to check, in these cases, is whether e-mails are falling in their "spam" or "junk e-mail" folders. 

2) If it is not, then the reason is usually that, at some point in time, the staffer has marked our e-mails as spam. Even if they say they haven't, we've found that every single time, they actually have, and don't remember doing it. When they do so, our e-mail platform provider puts them in a "do not e-mail again" list, and they stop receiving their e-mails.

The way to clear themselves from this list is to go on watu, Log Out, and follow the "Forgot Password" procedure. Even if they haven't forgotten their password. This procedure clears them from the "do not e-mail again" list, and sends them a link to reset their password. After that, they should start receiving e-mails from us again.