You'll find the 'Roles' section in the menu at the top right hand side of Watu.  Click on Roles to access the pre defined roles and add a new one.

Adding a role 

  1. Click on 'New Role' in the top right hand side. 
  2. Add the name of the role. 
  3. Choose a colour for this role (this helps denote the role amongst others when looking at a job) 
  4. Add the default daily/hourly wage (this automatically adds that rate when adding that role to a job.  It can be over written in the job or you can choose not to fill this in)
  5. Choose the 'capabilities' of this role.
  6. Press 'Create Role' to save the role.

What are capabilities?

  • Team leader -  If this role is a team leadership role, by clicking on team leader, you enable this role to see the other people on the team, including their contact information, as well as generate a message to the team.  Furthermore, any of the other booked staff in the job will be able to see who the team leader is and his/her contact number. 
  • Can see team members - This can be switched on for all roles and essentially enables the staffer booked on a shift to see their team mates. 
  • Can sign off - This is an added layer of responsibility for this role.  The ability to sign off is given to team leadership roles and enables them to give feedback on the performance of their staff.  This feedback is logged against 'Daily Sign Offs' to enable you, the manager, to sign off work with additional staff performance insight direct from the activity.  Read more about Daily Sign Offs here

What if I want to change the role details or delete it?

Simply click on the role and it will be ready for you to edit.  When you're done editing, press 'Update Role'