What are my alternative options:

  • Build your own platform - This is generally the most expensive route and is a short term solution (2 - 5 years).  We wrote about this experience in a blog article; 'Why staffing agencies shouldn't build their own technology'.
  • Customise a CRM programme - Another option is to customise a large CRM programme such as Salesforce.  This is expensive, time consuming and gives you a square peg for a round hole.  It's an option when there isn't any other option.
  • Other temporary staffing platforms - We are starting to see more and more great staffing platforms being delivered at a super low cost to customers.  Most of them are designed for shift based workers for companies employing between 10 and 100 people and are not optimised for this particular industry need. 
But my competitive edge is in my processes?:
  • Watu is designed to help you recruit better, schedule faster, book with less resource by empowering your staff, help you sell your staff better through the portfolio feature and increase the due diligence around expenses/payroll.  The entire platform is designed to give you as much competitive advantage over a non Watu user as possible. 
But it will take time to set up:
  • Setting up your database requires a few simple actions (See 'Configuring your Watu set up') and then the importation of your staffer data.  Depending on how many changes you want made to the staff profile in the beginning, the set up process can be anything from a couple of hours to a couple of days.  
Moving all of my field staff on to the system and then trying to train them is going to be a headache:

  • When we import your staffer data, we send an automated importation e-mail (approved by you) to each staffer welcoming them to your new database and giving them their unique log ins.  Watu is designed to be super intuitive and require no training.  To prove this ease of use, we deal with an average of 10 queries a month from staffers in relation to functionality.  10 from an average 28,500 unique staffer users each month.
What about training my internal team?:
  • We provide a free one hour online training session to new customers and man our support desk 24/7 to provide support whenever it is required.  Like the staffer side, the manager side of Watu is highly intuitive and can be learnt easily. 
How secure is my data?: Is it expensive?