One of our clients recently asked how to show all active staffers on a map. We're suggesting this workaround which explains how to export staffers and use a third party service to show them in a map;

  • Go to Staffers/All Staffers and click on Export all staffers to download a .csv file that will be open with your default spreadsheet software (Excel, for example).
  • Once you have your data in the spreadsheet, use it to filter according your needs. For example, you can use the 'State' column to filter only active staffers.
  • Select all and copy it.
  • Go to (you can use other services you find too) 
  • Paste your data and click Validate & Set Options to match Watu columns:
    • Region: International
    • Location: Address (line 1)
    • City: Address (City)
    • Postcode: Address (Postcode)
    • Country: Address (Country)
    • Group By: Single Color
  • Click on Create map and you're done!

  1. Mapping more than 250 records is not supported in their free product, you can use use BatchGeo Pro for this.
  2. With the free version you can have your map unlisted, but to have it private you need BatchGeo Pro.