If you notice that Watu is suddenly running very slowly, there are two important checks to make:

  1. Check your internet connection. Even if other websites seem to be running at a normal speed, remember that broadband efficiency cannot be determined by comparing websites with each other. It's best to run a speed test and see the results. Note that in addition to download and upload speeds, you should also keep an eye out for the 'ping' level. A normal ping should be around the low double-digits whereas if you notice it particularly high - in the hundreds - then you know this is where the problem lies and you must contact your broadband provider to solve this. Even when the speed test result is positive, the problem might be somewhere between your location and Watu's, which the speed test doesn't verify.
  2. Have you built a particularly large job recently? Remember that when Watu goes to carry out tasks within a job, it loads the entire job each time. For example, if you want to book John Doe into one shift, Watu will first load *all* the shifts so you can select which one is appropriate. Rather than grouping a large number of roles together in one job, try to split the roles across various jobs to keep the system running more efficiently. We would recommend around 300 roles per job maximum.
If you've checked this two potential issues and they haven't turned up any answers, please do contact our 'tech support' team for further help.