Unfortunately Watu no longer supports a fully integrated payroll system. It is purely designed as a booking management system for staffers and can export the details of their pay, expenses and bank details once shifts have been completed and signed-off.

This export containing the details of payment comes in the form of a CSV file, which can then be used by the payroll system selected by the agency. It should also be this payroll system that deals with the creation of invoices for your staffers.

We would like to suggest the use of the payroll software Sage, as the CSV export created by the Watu system links well in terms of containing the necessary information required by Sage to process payroll.

However, please do keep in mind that the two systems, Watu and Sage do not link with one another automatically through exporting and importing information. Watu only provides an export, in CSV format, of all the necessary information to pay a staff member including their names, total wage owed, addresses, bank details, NIN, etc.