Watu currently hosts one document within the software which is the 'Terms of Engagement' document. 

One of the first steps to setting up is going into 'Settings' then 'Terms of Engagement' and pasting your terms inside. Staffers must tick a box to confirm they agree to the terms, but note that if you would like them to upload a signed copy, please request the following of us via tech support:

Statement: Please print, sign, and upload a copy of the Terms of Engagement

Question: Upload copy of terms here

Answer: Upload button

If you need additional documents linked to the account, this can only be done if the document is hosted elsewhere. For example, you can have a private page built into your website then send us the link. We can add this link into the profile template as follows;

Statement: Please read a copy of the <your_document_linked_here> 

Again, we can provide the option for staff to upload a signed copy if you need that as well. 

In summary, we can link to unlimited documents, but they must always be hosted elsewhere.