Holiday Pay will affect all exports in terms of the column titles exported, and the order of the columns.

These changes apply to everyone, whether or not you opt in:

- On Payroll CSV files, there are now several new columns with this new information:
  •   Wage, Subsistence, Bonus and Fines columns are still there, with the same values as before
  •   For each of those 4, there is now also a "Base Pay" and "Holiday Pay" split. (So, Wage Base Pay, Wage Holiday Pay, Bonus Base Pay, etc)
  •   Payroll Adjustments that are taxable, also are split into "Adjustment Base Pay" and "Adjustment Holiday Pay"
  • The shift total is now split into "taxable gross" and "tax free gross"
  •  Tax free gross will be the subsistence, in case you are setup as considering Subsistence to be tax-free. In this case, subsistence doesn't get split into base and holiday pay. If you tax subsistence (the default), then tax free gross will always be zero for shifts.
  • Taxable gross is Wage + Bonus - Fines (+ Subsistence if you tax subsistence).
  • Taxable gross is also split as Taxable Gross Base Pay and Holiday Pay. These are probably the values you want to use for paying the staffers
  • For adjustments, their total amount will be in either Taxable Gross or Tax Free gross (depending on whether they are taxable)
 - When downloading a Job's schedule as CSV, we've also added these same new fields as in Payroll outputs, splitting monetary fields into Base Pay and Holiday Pay.

Syncing with accounting software?

While all the columns that existed in Payroll outputs are still there, they have changed order. Make sure that any integration you have set up with these CSVs it looking at the column titles, and not at their position.

Opting Out?

Even if you don't have holiday pay, all these new columns will appear. The holiday pay columns will always be 0, and the Base Pay columns will be the same as the value to split (Wage, Subsistence, etc)